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City Hall Park
May 31—July 8, 2018

The installation plays for 16 minutes with a 10 minute break
Open 10am to sunset every day

Pompeo (consultant/engineer) worked with Carel to navigate the technical aspects of capturing something as elusive as breath. The final recording is a rather unusual composition drawn from such sounds as rustles, crackles, beats, huffs, and delicate inhaling and exhaling.
The multi-channel soundscape is the culmination of a series of breathing workshops & recordings using the ThinkLabs Digital Stethoscope. It is reproduced in 2496 high resolution using SACD.



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Kerry Pompeo, alumna of SAE Institute New York, recently completed production masters of the 4-disc box set for Isaac Hayes, ‘The Spirit Of Memphis (1962-1976),’ released by Stax Records on September 22, 2017.
She was assistant to mastering engineer Paul Blakemore, carrying out her work at Concord Music’s mastering facility in Cleveland, Ohio.